I walked into the dining area of my hostel and ran into a guy I made friends with two weeks ago in a different hostel.  Not two hours later, another friend who I had met two weeks prior (also from the previous hostel) enters my dormitory room.  Even more coincidental, my new roommate gave a ride to another traveler who was the new roommate of my reacquainted friend from the dining area.  Small world, isn’t it?

In today’s society, there are a lot of hellos and goodbyes.  Especially in the travel arena.  But with the creation of Facebook and the like, you are able to keep in touch with many of your new partners in crime.  I understand many people have issues with Facebook, and other social media outlets, and for good reasons.  But all technology has its pros and cons, and therefore, you need to weigh these against each other.  The memories you make when traveling, or doing any activity, may be short, but they don’t have to be a one off experience.  Reconnecting is always an adventure.



Hey, look who I ran into!

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After high school you are expected to go to college and obtain the best grades possible, with
the workforce (or graduate school) awaiting the pitter patter of your feet.  Once you step onto this road, you are suppose to work your tail off to establish yourself in the career of your choice.  Along the way society presumes you will get married, purchase a big house in the suburbs, have children and retire somewhere in your sixties (or seventies).  Upon retirement, permission to relish in all that life has to offer is granted to you, with traveling being the holy grail (in my opinion).  While this societal model may work for some, it does not work for all.  I have crossed paths with too many crestfallen individuals in my brief tenure.  Further, the idea of every individual’s mental development being at the same rate, and in the same manner, is illogical, to say the least.

Should you sidestep the societal system in place?  Taking a respite to travel, at any stage in life, is always a good idea for multiple reasons.  But even traveling the world can lose its
enchanting appeal after a spell.  This might sound nonsensical, but it is actually a rational
outcome.  Any activity, regardless of how much you love it, eventually leads to indifference
due to overkill.

What about not retiring in the first place?  Sounds crazy, especially if you loathe your
job/career.  But to toil for so many years and then learn that the pot of gold you were chasing is not as valuable as you thought, is a cruel joke.

In the end, what are you to choose – a flawed cultural structure or a hiatus that eventually
looses its shining appeal?  My proposal is to chose somewhere in between.  That is to say,
do not go headstrong into a career (or even job), marriage/children, mortgage, etc., until you have attained proper reflection (and life experience).  You only have one shot at life, so make it count!


holy grail

Pace yourself on this trail.

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My first impressions of New Zealand – a good place to evaluate the past, present and future.


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I love hostels, but a few of my travel mates swear by couchsurfing.  So with my upcoming
foray into the beautiful land of New Zealand, I figured I would give it a whirl.  However, as
you can see from the below email exchanges, I cannot be everyone’s best friend.  But the
more important issue here is what can we learn from this type of incident?

First, sticks and stones will break your bones, but names will never hurt you.  Especially if
those names are derived from someone who has never met you in person.  It is not logical to get upset when the person on the other side of the computer screen truly does not know who you are.  Hence, it is best to hit the “delete” key and move on.

Second, if you do meet such individuals in person, or merely decide to engage in further
communication with them, how should it be handled?  My initial response was to respond to fire with fire, but I opted not to.  His email was full of hate, jealousy and all sorts of other
negative emotions.  I do not like these feelings and prefer to be surrounded by positive happy people.  And so should you since negativity has no place in your life.

Hence, I see at least three roads to choose from in these scenarios.  The obvious, and most
preferred, is to simply walk away.  Your time is better spent elsewhere.  Another is to be
honest, “I do not engage in discussions with angry and jealous people.”  One other alternative (the least preferred) is to respond in a way that challenges the offender without he/she realizing it.  For example, you could reply with “so will there be any pretty girls at this feminist rally?”  Because the individual is so caught up in his emotions, he will take your words as is, and not realize he is being tested on his ability to decipher fiction from reality.

Next, you should always be open to constructive criticism.  We cannot see everything.  We
are only human.  Others may have different life experiences than us and see situations from a completely different angle.  A word of caution though.  Any suggestions must be backed by solid logic and complete objectivity.  If not, your time is merely being wasted on actions that will potentially move you backwards.  And I only want my readers moving forwards.

Lastly, it is important to remember that we cannot befriend every person in this world.  If you accept this, it is easier for you to move on and continue working towards your goals. And this is what matters most.  To be derailed by naysayers is a complete and total waste of your time and energy.  Their negativity and irrational arguments have no place in your quest to be a better person, to live a better life, and most importantly, to be happy.



Hi Mr. X,

Mrs. Y said you may have a place I could couchsurf for a few nights in Auckland?  I get in on November 30 and am looking for three nights.  If you could help that would be great!




Kia ora Michael

I may be a challenging host for you.

I’ve had a little look through your videos and I have some quite strong feelings about your
individualistic traveling philosophy. The emphasis on “quitting your job” that was clearly well- paid, IMO, further strengthens the chokehold that the power of money has on people’s freedoms – even in the west where such a thing is possible. The videos come across as quite separate to the places you are going and people you meet, who seem to serve as things that happen to you rather than your world tour and release of funds actually making a positive impact on them.

The lack of relationships tells its own story, that you could take a large amount of cash, leave one of the most predatory industries in the world, and as a single white male, seek to develop yourself through this intensely privileged opportunity – not through sacrifice but through exercising that power like very few other people can.

I too will travel next year. In the next few weeks I am leaving my low-paid job in green
advocacy to tour my artwork in the NZ summertime, then visit events and people overseas over the NZ winter. So in a way, I’m jealous and angry that you’d spend so much money to go to places like Antarctica just to kind of see what it’s like.

I feel like I’d challenge you to not be a tourist. If you come here, you’ll have to me more than just a rich guy that doesn’t want to stay in a hostel.

I’ll have a busy weekend helping with a feminist rally on Saturday and shooting a comedy
photography project on the Sunday.

And I’d be interested to discuss travel philosophy & western ideals with you if you’re open to that.

Anyway, I imagine this is quite a confronting reply that you weren’t expecting. I’m only letting you know because you said in your video that you’re hoping to change through your travels.. and so far I’m not seeing it.

So let me know.

Mr. X

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The devil can tempt even the most pure of souls.  Who will know if you only spend one hour on a two hour project?  Or if you interview three people where the minimum requisite is four?  As long as the result(s) are as expected, that is all that counts, right?


The other day I opted to do a tour of a couple of areas in Indonesia (instead of doing it on my own via public transport, staying at local lodgings, etc.).  I was a little on the lonely side, tired of “oh-so-efficient” Indonesian public transportation and exhausted from haggling for every Indonesian Rupiah.  And while my tourmates were pleasant and the sites we saw were impressive, my soul was half full.  I felt no sense of accomplishment.  I did not have any crazy stories of broken down buses with goats for cargo, or pictures of local people I had befriended on a street corner while waiting for a food vendor to serve me the latest hot
“mush.”  No, none of that.  Everything was served on a silver platter and ready to eat.  No
surprises.  No chance encounters.  Just some pretty sites that posed for me.

Everyone has their own travel style, and it is up to them to find this out.  Generally speaking, tours are not my cup of tea.  And I knew that before I signed up for this one, but I was drained and needed a rest.  So I opted for the easy way out.  But in retrospect, a wiser choice would have been to take a day or two off from traveling, and then return to the wild and wacky world of Indonesian jaunting.

In short, to all of those travelers, and non-travelers, out there, don’t cut corners.  When you want to accomplish something, do it right, and do it completely.  Yes, your hands will get dirty and yes your gas tank will be empty when you are finished.  But your gratification tank will be overflowing, and that is the fuel that keeps us driving off into that rainbow colored sunset.


mount bromo

Beautiful, but too easy.

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