When I quit my job to travel the world, Malaysia was definitely on my list of places to see, but I was a little hesitant given the predominant religion. But after a few days, I had not a worry in the world as the people have been as pleasant as could be.


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When I decided to quit my job and travel the world, I promised myself that I would still maintain my daily exercise regime.  How do I exercise every day while traveling the world? See the below video.


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When people hear that I have been traveling for over 13 months, their reactions are as
follows: 1. “Wow, that is amazing!”; and 2. “Aren’t you tired?”  While I do get fatigued every now and then, what I focus on every day to ensure that I am consistently happy and
energized are the small things.  The aspects of life that we take for granted.  Eating a good
meal.  Going to a new hostel.  Exercising.  Socializing with people.  Making myself laugh.
That is to say, one does not have to quit their job and travel the world to have a pleasant
and fulfilling life.  A big adventure is not a requisite to happiness.  All that is needed are two things – a cheerful mindset; and proper discipline to ensure that we follow through on our targeted path.  It is just that simple.


martial arts in penang

Take that kitty!

penang art

What you looking at?!

penang art

Sea lions be crazy yo!

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In travel, as in life, people briefly come into our lives and then leave.  Usually their exits are graceful and the memories that remain are pleasurable.  Unfortunately, every now and then people bow out in such an unsavory manner that you want to brush your teeth and take a shower to rid yourself of their germs.  So what is one to do when faced with these occurrences of immaturity?  First, don’t sweat it.  These individuals were only in your life for a short period, so how deep could they have possibly dug?  Answer: not much.  Besides, life is way too short to brood over these twits.  I rather my mind be floating on
cloud nine as I hike through a beautiful rainforest than focusing on nitwit logic.  Second,
while we can always learn a little more about ourselves when interacting with people (i.e.,
can I be less selfish?, etc.), take everything with a grain of salt.  We are only human.  We
make errors.  Fault is almost never 100% one sided.  Both parties have responsibility at a
certain level.  Once again, don’t sweat it.  Your mind is better focused on climbing that hill
for a magnificent view of the sunset.


cameron highlands

Tea plantations are where my mind is at!

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As I am in the beginning phases of my second year of world travel, I realize that I need to become more social media savvy.  Therefore, here is an update on where ya’ll can find me:


WORDPRESS: http://www.ifearregret.com
FACEBOOK: I Fear Regret
GOOGLE+: M.H. Reese
TWITTER: @ifearregret
LINKEDIN: michael reese
TUMBLR: I Fear Regret



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