Welcome to IFearRegret.com!  Think it is best to give you a brief description of myself, no?  I was born in the Pacific Northwest, but spent almost all of my pre-college years in New York City and New Jersey, which qualifies me for dual citizenship, lol.  I went to college and graduate school in North Carolina and Washington DC, so it is definitely fair to say I was a bit of a nomad in my early days.  Upon returning to the NYC/NJ area, I worked in the legal and banking fields for about 10 years before I decided to quit my job and travel the world.  Here is a brief video explaining why:



Some of my hobbies include: martial arts, artwork (video below), food (pizza snob, I confess) and learning foreign languages.  Oh, and I do not mind dancing every now and then (have a good laugh below!).  Hope you enjoy my blog and that it inspires you to reach for your dreams!